Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Nooooo! I've been tagged again!

So please just read the post below, I haven't got enough little bloggy friends and I think people will get a bit whizzed if I keep tagging them!! Good fun though!
Well, I'm back at work after my holiday, but on the bright side I have more holiday booked next month! WooHoo!!
Thought I would share an altered CD tin, which I bought for 50p (BARGAIN) in a charity shop, I think it was a freebie one from Smash Hits or something, but a bit of patterned paper and a load of ribbon off-cuts later here it is! I really love this, and its in the Blog 'Til You Drop gallery for Challenge #10. I intend to make into a nice cheery, flower album to brighten those winter days, whether or not I actually get round to it or not though is a different matter!

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Ana Baird said...

Great Design and lovely blog!