Saturday, February 23, 2008

Thankyou Fab!!

The wonderful Fab has nominated Beverley, Looby, Alix, Shary and I for the Excellent Award over on the Crop Til You Drop Blog!! Thanks Fab!!
You just have to check out Fab's blog, it is absolutely amazing and incredibly inspiring!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Check it out!!

I am so proud of this, I absolutely love it and it looks stunning on my desk, I am using it for storage for my brads and eyelets. I made all the matchboxes by hand although in hindsight I think I would buy them next time, all the little imperfections become quite big once you start stacking them!! I have left the top blank so I can add another tier later if I want to!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Having fun!!!

I am having a fantastic time crafting at the moment, and I am loving every minute, I am still churning out the cards, something I never really did much of until recently, numerous LO's, and loads of other bits and pieces, and the inspiration is still flowing, I have so many ideas and plans right now, and not enough hours in the day!! Also got my new DT kit through and WHOA! There is a serious amount of beautiful stash in there, the box when it arrived was seriously bulging at the seams and stuff inside is absolutely amazing,
it's going to take me a while to plough through all that as well!!
Then theres a couple of new projects I have in mind, I want to an A-Z of products and techniques I love in a journal plus try out some new techniques and use some of the bits that are stuck at the back of the drawer! I want to create some sort of storage for my growing collection of stickles and alcohol inks and on top of all that I want to start a new CJ!
Also today we got a lovely catalogue through the post full of beautiful works of art and photos and that there are some amazing pictures in there plus loads of inspiration to work from, I think I'd better start a list!!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

And even more....!

I didn't realise how much stuff I have been doing over the last week, it just keeps coming!! This one is for a family birthday I have coming up, used my Craft Robo. It's the first time I used it for a card and I quite like it. I got the template from UKS, so many thanks to Humbug for designing it! I used a HOTP cardmakers kit from and a little charm both from CTYD, and a little piece of leftover ribbon.

This is from a class over at MCC, to make an art journal, I love the results and had a great time making it, it has 64 pages to fill and I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to put in it yet!! All suggestions gratefully recieved! LOL!

And the last one for today is this 18th Birthday card, the birthday is tomorrow so it's going to be a little late, but it's the thought that counts!! This is another one I did with my robo, I have no idea where I got this template from but if you designed it, then thankyou very much! I really need to sit down and have a play with my robo when I have a few hours spare and see if I can design a few of my own!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

And there's more...

This is one of my favourite LO's at the moment, I loved doing it and the paper was so apt! It's Creative World Drop Dead Red and I got it off Beverley over at CTYD. There was a skull on it which I didn't like much so I covered it with more of those fabulous gathered flowers I did over at MCC. They look great as well if you cut into them after you have sewn them, like petals! My Boy isn't dangerous at all, unless he's hanging off your finger! LOL! But I love him to bits and he is truly beautiful!

This one is my Mojo! We all talk about our mojo's but have you ever tried to imagine what yours would look like in a physical form? Well, on one of sleepless nights I did and this is my mojo!!
I used Renae's House Aubrey papers that I got from CTYD!!! I even posed him for the picture sat on the Aubrey Garden paper!
My journalling reads;
"OK, So why on earth do I have a picture of a blue, fluffy thing in my treasured scrapbook? It's my mojo! Or at least what I picture my mojo to look like in physical form!! My mojo is my inspiration, creativity and motivation to make my pages as good as I can. My inspiration comes from patterned papers, magazines, gallerys, sketches and my imagination. My creativity is (I hope) natural but this is how I choose to use it and my motivation comes because this is what I love to do. So I love my mojo and it's cute representation, it even makes funny noises, like me trying to use a stubborn paper punch!!"

And then there's this one! I can't believe I finally scrapped it but I am so glad I did, it's the pic of me after our car accident back in November. I wanted to remind myself how lucky we were and to laugh at probably my worst self portrait, I never realised how wonky my nostrils were! LOL! Looking good (NOT)!