Sunday, October 07, 2007

I've been tagged by Charli!!!

Thanks Charli!

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So seven facts about me!?
1) I can still do the splits! As long as I'm wearing loose trousers!!

2) I love raccoons, they are just so cute!

3) I hate going to the hairdressers! Don't know why, just do, but when my hair gets too long I will get it chopped!!

4) I am sitting here typing this wearing DH's slippers! My feet are cold, but if he asks I am just warming them up for him!

5) My favourite ever song is "Nothing Compares to You" by Sinead O'Connor.

6) My favourite jeans at the moment are navy blue with gold threads running through them, they are so pretty!

7) I will be 30 next year!!! AAAAARRRGGGHHHHH!!!

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Alix said...

hi ruth, i've just answered those questions so i don't think i'll bore everyone again...sorry!

i have to say...most impressed with the breast aware LO...and with your *breasts* hee heee!

Looby said...

he he! Just tagged you again hun, sorry!!