Friday, May 30, 2008

TOOT TOOT!!!!! I am so chuffed!

Remember the fire photo? (Next post down)!!

Well here it is on the FRONT PAGE of the local paper!! How cool is that!? My first published picture!! And God did it look good when I walked in the supermarket and there was a whole rack of them, all lined up with my piccy on the front!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I have been a very bad blogger! AGAIN!

Okay, if anyone knows of a good way to keep me blogging regularly, please let me know! Answers on a postcard.... or just leave a comment! LOL!
Anyhoo, some of my more recent creations;

Card holder, I have been making so many cards lately and had nowhere to put them, so I decided it was about time they had their own little storage case. I used a HOTP Personal Shopper kit for this, I do like working with these kits as there is so much in them and always plenty of contrasting papers and embellies for larger projects!

A page featuring myself and my very dear friend Tina, who sadly died in March, I found this page very therapeutic to do, although I have not included any journalling, I'm not ready for that yet. But it is a photo of her, how I remember her, full of fun, joy and smiles! And yes those chocolates we are sucking on are willy shaped, and I look stunning! NOT!

And finally for today, a card I made a while back, which I absolutely love, It is all vellum and I started making those addictive gathered flowers from organza ribbon again!! And the gems in the middle of them set them off perfectly!

One final, non-craft related thing, we had a massive storm last night and a massive fire started at the end of my road in a derelict old school, it was such a lovely, old Victorian building though and it was so sad to see it burning, but at the same time absolutely amazing. The power of the fire is so intense. It took eight fire engines, over 12 hours to put out, I stood in my back garden and watched the roof collapse, an amazing sight to see but one I don't want to see again! The funniest bit though was when the hydrant across from my house lost pressure, the firemen pulled the hoses off and guess what? Sod's law, the pressure came back full force and sent them flying, thankfully they were okay though and took it in good spirits!!!!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

OK! Time to get going again!!

I have had loads on and I have recently celebrated my 30th birthday! And considering some of the poo that has gone on lately, life is great!!! I love it, I look in the mirror and for the first time in my life I like what I see, I feel so confident and able to achieve anything I can set my mind to and it's great! I can't understand why I'm feeling this way but I'm definately not complaining and long may it continue!!
So in relation to that statement here are a couple of LO's I have been doing over the last couple of weeks!
This one is me on my 30th Birthday after a rather drastic haircut!!!

This is the HAIR before and after, can you believe I weighed myself before I had it done and when I got home I had lost 1 1/2lb! I think I may have a skinhead next! LOL!

And the last one of me, (my BoM is full, I never thought that would happen) with new hair and new clothes (birthday pressies) ready for a hen night!! It was a great night and I LOVE that top so much!!!