Sunday, April 15, 2007

What A Day, What A Month!

Well to start the main reason I am blogging today is to write down what I'm thinking and maybe get something straight in my head. I saw an old friend this morning someone I used to be very close to and we were good friends for a long time, times change and after one or two things she moved house and changed her number and never told me, I was really put out at the time and was under the impression if she cared about our friendship she knew where I was and how to contact me, she never did in four years, this morning she saw me and came running over, hugged me and asked me what happened, I was really off with her and said she was the one who moved and stuff and never told me, she was all up for chatting whereas I felt really awkward and wanted to get away from the situation, she gave me her number and told me where she lived, the thing I am now wondering is do I get over it and make contact, maybe go and see her and see how it goes or do I just say **** it and leave it at that. I feel that as we were such good friends I should give her a chance to explain and that maybe she didn't realise how I felt but I don't know!?

On a brighter not as it is my birthday next week, My hubby and my dad went halves and bought me a ...................CRAFT ROBO! WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!! It is so cool and I love it! Chuffed to bits!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Monday, April 02, 2007

What a fantastic 2 days!

Had a marvellous day yesterday, pottering around shops, garden centres and craft shops, beautiful sunshine as well! Bought some bits for our ever developing garden including a water lily that changes colour through the summer! Really enjoyed myself and must do it again, spoke with a friend this evening which was also great so all in all had a great day!
Today, we went for a walk in the woods right down to the beach, took my camera and had a play and some of the shots I got were amazing! Look out LO's here they come!
Saw gynaecologist today and I am now waiting to go in for a laparoscopy, but apparently due to financial budgets I could be waiting for 4 months! GRRR! Not a bad wait but it's hell of a long time when you're in pain every day! Hopefully though when it does happen they will do the laparoscopy, they will deal with anything they find on the spot as long as it isn't too major and hopefully stop this in its tracks, he thinks it is probably my endometriosis come back, but how bad it is or what the best treatment is will have to wait!