Friday, January 26, 2007

WooHoo AGAIN!!!

Another 4lbs gone this week, what a result, I would have liked 5lbs to bring me up to a stone but never mind that'll be gone next week! That's 13lb in total, which works out at nearly a lb a day! I know I will slow right down soon enough but it's dropping off I'm happy! And those WW chocolate crisp bars are divine, only 1 1/2 points and so so yummy! Been working nights this week so apart from sleeping have not done much during the day, and been watching films and playing on my Nintendo DS at night when all my jobs are done. Hopefully will get some scrapping done today if I can stay awake, watch this space!
NOTE TO SELF: Look for matchsticks to prop eyes open with!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Today I finally REALLY got started on my A-Z of me, I've had a word list compiled for ages in my notebook and never really got round to doing anything with it, but lately on UKS there has been a lot of chat about these little A-Z books and it finally gave me the kick up the rear I needed to get my finger out and get on with it. My pages are..............
Ambitions, Believe, Create, Dream, E........, Films, Geneaology, Hobbies, I am..., Jobs, K....., Lucky, Music, Name, O....., Poetry, Quotes, Raccoons, Secrets, T......., Unique, Values, Worst Habit, X marks the Spot, Year I was born, Zodiac sign.
Help me fill in the gaps, E,K & O are causing me most problems, T I haven't decided on for sure yet.

Elsewhere, I had my neck checked at the hospital as it was so painful and after they ruled out a broken collarbone they decided I have a strange form of whiplash, as the pain is at the front and not the back as it is normally. I don't care what they call it, it bloody well hurts but I'm grateful I did'n't do SERIOUS damage, and as ever this clumsy clod has had another lucky escape, I do wonder though when my luck will run out and one of my little "mishaps" turns out to be something serious! But hey "Carpedium"!

Friday, January 19, 2007


Today I hurt like hell! My neck feels as though it doesn't want to support my head, my shoulders don't belong to me and my hips are just bloody painful! So, as I have today to relax and recover I have decided that there is no better therapy than sitting on my ass all day in PJ's scrapping! So here are todays efforts so far. For the Disney one I used Kirsty's digi Ice Queen Kit, and what a superb kit it is, thanks Kirsty! The second is some of the sealions taken at Longleat last year, I was so lucky to get such great photos and decided to make quite a plain LO just using Bazzill cardstock and rub-ons. I am currently working on my A-Z of Me so watch this space for developments!

NOTE TO SELF: Knowing how clumsy I am, be careful with the craft knife!!

Thursday, January 18, 2007


I have lost 9lbs!!!!!! What a result!!! I am well impressed, although I reckon it will slow down now but I am chuffed to bits, not bad for the first week, although apparently it is mainly water the first week, and they're not wrong I haven't stopped peeing all damn week!
But by the time I got home I had put 9lbs back on!! In mud! I slipped in the wet grass and did a spectacular slide, flat on my back in the biggest pile of mud in the area, my mate said she was talking to me one second and then I just disappeared! My jeans right through to my knickers were mud! My cream suede coat was mud! My shoes were........wait for it.........mud! My handbag was.........yep mud! And my car is covered did you know? MUD!! My hair was full of ....guess what? and my shower and living room floor are covered in.........surprise.....more f****** MUD! Fortunately no lasting damage to anything even my coat recovered in the wash, but I have an exceptionally bruised butt and was seriously embarassed at the time, not that you could tell who I was under all that MUD!
NOTE TO SELF: Go to a health farm next time for a mud wrap!

I just wish I'd taken a picture, it was soooo funny and I must have looked a right state!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I'm so excited!

God knows why I have never been excited over an appointment with a pair of weighing scales before but obviously those salad leaves are affecting my brain a little! I just want to see that what I've done this past week is worth it and that I can do this for good! Also, have sussed out my points problem now, know exactly (well, sort of) what I'm doing and now I want to reap the rewards! Watch this space for breaking news tomorrow!!!!!!!
Elsewhere on my agenda and completely cram packed social life ( I wish!!) is absolutely nothing interesting, I get up, go to work, come home, go to bed and repeat it all the next day, why? It sure as hell isn't for a laugh so I guess it boils down to good old, cold, hard cash! So I won't bother you with all the details, just post the interesting bits.
NOTE TO SELF: Trying to type more WILL NOT burn calories!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

So far on this WW thing I am shocked, I'm sure I must be doing something wrong, I had a fair few points left over yesterday, and I thought I would have been running out of them, apart from shrinking down my portion sizes I'm eating pretty normally, and I'm definately not hungry! I'll wait and see when I go to the meeting next week and see what they say!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Weight Watchers

Well today I took the plunge and joined WW with some work colleagues of mine, I can't believe how expensive it is, I will be losing pounds in more than one way, but if it works (or should I say, if I stick to it) then it will be well worth it!!! Mind you it didn't take us long to rename something far more catchy and funny, in fact we hadn't even arrived for our first meeting and we had christened it Fat F*****'s! I actually quite like it and it will now be known as such!!!
Otherwise not a lot to report today, I finally worked out how to upgrade my camera printer dock only to discover it didn't need it and the only reason it wasn't working was because I had the wrong batteries in the camera!!! DUH!

Just a quick digi LO I did the other day, I really like the way this turned out and I am so lucky that this is the view at the end of my road!
Note to self: BEWARE of the weighing scales!!!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My poor little blog!

I've ignored it for two months, and missed loads of fun stuff that has happened, and my poor, little blog was abandoned! Still decided this morning to try and do a very brief run-down on the events that I missed! Firstly I went to Disney and it was fan-bloody-tastic!!!!! The hotel was amazing and it really was out of this world! Had my picture taken with Mickey and spent a fortune and enjoyed every single minute. Now i'm trying to convince DH that he has to take me this year.

Following that I had a fairly quiet month in the run up to Christmas apart from the usual, hectic rush for the shopping and other preparations, we had my Dad over to stay and we had a damn good time, I was thoroughly spoilt as always, good haul this year, plenty of jewellery, a WiFi connector for my Nintendo DS, books, stash, loadsa smellies and choccies.
Also bought a new camera its a Kodak with 10x optical zoom, and it is fantastic quality, I love it, I got a docking station also at a bargain price off a well-known auction site and have spen the last 6-8 weeks playing with it and getting to know how to use it and what its capable of.
NOTE TO SELF: Don't neglect my poor little bloggy!