Friday, November 30, 2007

Todays Prompt Is...

SOFT! My husband has the most beautiful hands, and despite all the hardwork he does they stay incredibly smooth and soft! Not like mine which are rough, dry, chewed and bitten!!! I love his hands!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

In my space today...

...we have bristles!!! I love this hair brush, it feels wonderful on my head when I brush my hair, and I have asked Santa for a new one this Christmas!! In hindsight I wish I'd washed it first instead of just pulling the hair off!! Ah well, I'll take it in the shower with me later!!
Right, well plans for today are relax, maybe some scrapping later, I'm quite tired cos I'm not sleeping properly, so I may even go back to bed for a while!! And later on DH is going to try and syphon the petrol from his car into mine, as it has a full tank and chances are it's a write off so we may as well try and use the petrol!! Plus I haven't got any at the mo!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm gutted!

Really upset, the Lipstick Retreat is cancelled, I have been saving hard and it was going to be my 30th birthday pressie and my first retreat, I am in a CJ where we were going to meet up and hand back our books, and now its all cancelled and no reason given, I'm just glad I had only paid the deposit although they are giving money back! I had a bad feeling about this for some reason though but I just dismissed it, I wished I hadn't! I really would love to do Roz's Luxurious Angels but it's in Scotland and DH won't let me go because it's too far and I can see his point and understand his reasons!
Okay, moan over, I've been doing my NVQ all day and want to get a bit more done before bed but that's hardly cheering me up!
On the bright side the painkillers from the doc are fab and work great, I am a bit "wonky" but it's not as painful, so there's something to be happy about!!


Just a quick post for now will do a proper update later! The HS:MS prompt for today is "SMOOTH". This is Carnelian, a semi-precious stone in my space today.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A BIG thankyou!!

Firstly and most importantly, I want to say BIG thankyous to everyone who has been so kind, giving me advice and well wishes since Sunday! It means such a lot and has certainly cheered me up! So THANKYOU!!! I have been laughing about it but in all seriousness it could have been so much worse but someone was looking over us that day and for that I am grateful!

Anyway onto the HS:MS prompt for today, show me "rough" in your space today! I can't be bothered to go creeping around for a stunning shot today so I got a new scouring pad out of my cupboard (well, I couldn't let you see the curled up, stained one on my sink now can I?) and here it is!!

The paper I used on this was the leftovers from the advent calendar I posted up yesterday, it was such a lovely bit of paper I couldn't waste it, and after I cut the numbers out for my advent tree I was left with a sheet of frames, so I popped some Christmas photos that on their own I wouldn't use on a LO but they were perfect for this.

Once again a HUGE thankyou to everyone for their well wishes it really means a lot!!
Ruth. xXx.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanking my lucky stars!

Am I stiff today!! All across my shoulders and back and I have a pain in my side where the seatbelt was! I keep thinking how lucky we were, if we weren't wearing seatbelts, if we had used my car, if the car in front hadn't moved away, if the handbrake had been on, and how scary it would have been if they had cut me out! So I'm grateful for that and glad that the aches and pains we both have today are nothing compared to what could have happened!!

Anyway the prompt for HS:MS! Show us "WET" in your space today. A piccy of a starling just getting of the bird bath in my back garden! A bit chilly if you ask me, but there's no accounting for taste!!

And here is my advent calendar for this year! I bought in the supermarket cos I liked it, but it was a bit plain and boring, so I tarted up with some paper, miniature cotton reels and ribbon for the candles and of course a star on top!

Sunday, November 25, 2007


OK, so not one of my better pictures!!! What more can I say other than I am absolutely fine, and a girls gotta do something to pass the time when she spends 6 hours strapped to a spinal board in A&E!!!! You know you're a scrapper when you think of every eventuality as a possible scrapbook page!!! How did I get like this? A woman hit us from behind at about 40-50mph while we were stationary! OUCH! You think I look bad? You should see her car! Ours only has some damage to the rear bumper but goodness only knows what its like inside!

And to show-off, this picture of a fucshia which had dropped off its bush, it was just such a lovely contrast of colours as it lay on the ground!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Time I started something new!

I've been popping onto HS:MS most days and never yet followed the prompt and taken a picture until today! So here it is, the prompt was crystal and here is my first picture! I emptied my pot of crystals onto some metallic red card and put them all back again without spilling one!!! Now that's amazing!!!!A substance with geometric regularity. Find 'crystal' in your space today.
Anyhoo, I can't promise to do this everyday but we will see how I get on!!!

Also going to show off a LO I did for the CTYD DT, for last weeks challenge, so get on over there for more info!!
I loved doing this LO, and I am really happy with the end result! I have been busy today as well, sorting out some stuff for my next post on Sunday and I love it and whats even better is I had a fantastic time doing it! But I can't say anymore for now, so keep an eye out on Sunday on CTYD for it or I will post it on here at some point next week!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Showing off

Just showing off a couple of more bits I have done for the DT. Those BoBunny frost papers are lush, I love working with them and they are so pretty, they sparkle like frost but you can't see it in the picture!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Finally remembered to update my blog!

WOW! What a busy few weeks, work has been manic and I have been clocking up the hours, but just in time for Xmas so not too bad! Have been doing loads of scrapping for the BTYD Blog and DT, and these two are my latest entries for the challenges.
Also got my fabby new kit which is enormous and should last well into the new year! Been slowly starting getting my butt moving for Christmas, and I'm pleased to report that I have Christmas Day off this year!!! WooHoo!!
On a bum note though, my back is killing me, ever since last week when I spent 8 hours hunched over my NVQ, it hasn't been right, I feel like I'm leaning to the left and sometimes I look wonky!! Bit worrying but I really don't want to go off work so I am being extra careful and hoping I last til the end of this week when I have holiday booked so hopefully a good rest and it will be fine again!!
Anyway, I've posted my bit on here and will probably be back later on as I have some other bits to show off!! Keep watching!