Sunday, October 07, 2007

I've been a busy girly!

I managed to do 4 LO's yesterday, three of them for the Crop 'Til You Drop DT, and now I've posted them up on the blog, I can show them off here as well!

The first LO is of The Blue Pond, the water seems to change colour in the sunlight, and being perfectly still it gives perfect reflections. Apparently its because of algae or something but it really is amazing, and so beautiful and peaceful!

The second LO is of a Fly Agaric toadstool that DH pointed out to me while we were at Monkey World, he is getting really good bless him at spotting things that I'd like to photograph!

My third and final LO I used a leaflet from Monkey World and a very cute piccy of a baby orangutan by the name of Kai. Aaaahhh! He was so sweet and quite the little poser, but very cheeky with it although I think this was the best shot I got of him!

And lastly this LO is for breast cancer awareness moth, and I really, REALLY enjoyed doing this, so liberating and I loved going all girly and glitzy and pink! Seriously you just have to try this, its great fun!

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