Friday, March 02, 2007

What A Week!!!!!

Well, haven't been on here much, there has been loads going on but none of it is really that good apart from I have have now lost a grand total of 2 stone at WW!!!!
I am now counting down the days until I go to my hospital appointment, I have had horrendous problems this week with pain, I have ended up in A&E once and given my poor husband several heart attacks a day when I double over, screaming in pain, plus a few sleepless nights also! I can't work and my sick record this year has been horrendous so far, I have arranged a meeting with my manager on Monday after my appointment so I can explain what is going on and give her an understanding of why I am always going sick at the moment.
I just hope that at this appointment the dr will say either what it is or that he wants to find out ASAP, I don't think I could stand being put on a 6 month waiting list for further tests! I doubt he will do anything there and then apart from see me but I hope any further appointments will be weeks away not months, I NEED treatment and help with this NOW!

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