Thursday, February 22, 2007

Back Again!

Well, believe it or not I did complete the little challenge I set myself but I haven't got round to uploading onto the computer yet let alone put them on here but I will get round to it eventually! I have been working nights, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!
The third LO was one of my snake "Cali" and the 4th wasn't a LO but a Lippy Chick flip book, it's on my desk at the mo but is missing one photo. When I get chance I will stick the piccy inand upload both to here!

Weght Watchers again tonight, another 3 1/2lbs gone! Bloody fantastic, I really thought I would have put on weight so I was shocked to see I'd lost so much, I had chinese, pancakes and chocolate this week! DH made a valid point though, as I have a bit of a health issue at the moment that could explain why I'm losing so easily but hopefully I will find out in about a week and to be honest if one good thing comes out of it then I'm happy, as long as the weight goes and stays gone that's fine by me.

I've been working, not really supposed to be but I had to do something, I can't sit around here all day, it is causing me a problem at work as I do quite a physical job at times but so far so good, nothing I can't cope with just need to be careful and pace myself.

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