Friday, March 30, 2007

How Long??

Grief! Hasn't time flown, I know I hadn't been in for a while but THREE WEEKS!!! Well what have I been doing for 3 weeks? Truth is I haven't got a clue!
Weight loss is still going very well, I have now lost 36lbs!! WooHoo! Had a bad week where I put on a lb but it didn't stay there for long, I'm thinking of purchasing a bullet proof jacket before going to my next meeting as I have lost an incredible amount in a short time and I think people are going to start throwing things at me soon! There's not normally a week goes by where I don't get my name called out for some sort of achievement, 7lbs, stone, 10%, another 7lbs... and so on!
Saw the gynaecologist about my now most definately ongoing gynae probs, had a scan yesterday and they found virtually nothing, all she told me was there no cysts or growths (phew)! And to expect an extremely heavy bleed in the next few days (great-nothing new then)! She must be psychic, she didn't mention when to expect a windfall of cold, hard £££'s though!
Off work for a while now as I am just not able to manage it art the mo, painkillers knock me out, I'm always tired and I think I have had 2 days pain-free since this started! Can't wait till Monday when I go back and see whats actually going to happen as this is really starting to get on my wick!
On the bright side though, time off work means more to scrap, create and generally make a mess, normally a sticky mess but that's fine.
I have my birthday coming up soon as well and I am seriously considering getting a Craft-Robo, I have seen other models demonstrated and have not been impressed in the slightest but I have only heard good things about the Robo apart from its a little harder to use than other models but I can handle that I think!
Right there's a brief catch-up in the merry ole land of Roo, off for a shower and then back to finishing the parchment birthday card I started earlier!
And in true Blue Peter style, here's one I made earlier! (Well about a fortnight ago actually)!

NOTE TO SELF: Purchase shares in Tampax as they're sales are going to go UP!

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