Thursday, January 18, 2007


I have lost 9lbs!!!!!! What a result!!! I am well impressed, although I reckon it will slow down now but I am chuffed to bits, not bad for the first week, although apparently it is mainly water the first week, and they're not wrong I haven't stopped peeing all damn week!
But by the time I got home I had put 9lbs back on!! In mud! I slipped in the wet grass and did a spectacular slide, flat on my back in the biggest pile of mud in the area, my mate said she was talking to me one second and then I just disappeared! My jeans right through to my knickers were mud! My cream suede coat was mud! My shoes were........wait for it.........mud! My handbag was.........yep mud! And my car is covered did you know? MUD!! My hair was full of ....guess what? and my shower and living room floor are covered in.........surprise.....more f****** MUD! Fortunately no lasting damage to anything even my coat recovered in the wash, but I have an exceptionally bruised butt and was seriously embarassed at the time, not that you could tell who I was under all that MUD!
NOTE TO SELF: Go to a health farm next time for a mud wrap!

I just wish I'd taken a picture, it was soooo funny and I must have looked a right state!

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