Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My poor little blog!

I've ignored it for two months, and missed loads of fun stuff that has happened, and my poor, little blog was abandoned! Still decided this morning to try and do a very brief run-down on the events that I missed! Firstly I went to Disney and it was fan-bloody-tastic!!!!! The hotel was amazing and it really was out of this world! Had my picture taken with Mickey and spent a fortune and enjoyed every single minute. Now i'm trying to convince DH that he has to take me this year.

Following that I had a fairly quiet month in the run up to Christmas apart from the usual, hectic rush for the shopping and other preparations, we had my Dad over to stay and we had a damn good time, I was thoroughly spoilt as always, good haul this year, plenty of jewellery, a WiFi connector for my Nintendo DS, books, stash, loadsa smellies and choccies.
Also bought a new camera its a Kodak with 10x optical zoom, and it is fantastic quality, I love it, I got a docking station also at a bargain price off a well-known auction site and have spen the last 6-8 weeks playing with it and getting to know how to use it and what its capable of.
NOTE TO SELF: Don't neglect my poor little bloggy!

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