Sunday, January 21, 2007

Today I finally REALLY got started on my A-Z of me, I've had a word list compiled for ages in my notebook and never really got round to doing anything with it, but lately on UKS there has been a lot of chat about these little A-Z books and it finally gave me the kick up the rear I needed to get my finger out and get on with it. My pages are..............
Ambitions, Believe, Create, Dream, E........, Films, Geneaology, Hobbies, I am..., Jobs, K....., Lucky, Music, Name, O....., Poetry, Quotes, Raccoons, Secrets, T......., Unique, Values, Worst Habit, X marks the Spot, Year I was born, Zodiac sign.
Help me fill in the gaps, E,K & O are causing me most problems, T I haven't decided on for sure yet.

Elsewhere, I had my neck checked at the hospital as it was so painful and after they ruled out a broken collarbone they decided I have a strange form of whiplash, as the pain is at the front and not the back as it is normally. I don't care what they call it, it bloody well hurts but I'm grateful I did'n't do SERIOUS damage, and as ever this clumsy clod has had another lucky escape, I do wonder though when my luck will run out and one of my little "mishaps" turns out to be something serious! But hey "Carpedium"!

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