Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm gutted!

Really upset, the Lipstick Retreat is cancelled, I have been saving hard and it was going to be my 30th birthday pressie and my first retreat, I am in a CJ where we were going to meet up and hand back our books, and now its all cancelled and no reason given, I'm just glad I had only paid the deposit although they are giving money back! I had a bad feeling about this for some reason though but I just dismissed it, I wished I hadn't! I really would love to do Roz's Luxurious Angels but it's in Scotland and DH won't let me go because it's too far and I can see his point and understand his reasons!
Okay, moan over, I've been doing my NVQ all day and want to get a bit more done before bed but that's hardly cheering me up!
On the bright side the painkillers from the doc are fab and work great, I am a bit "wonky" but it's not as painful, so there's something to be happy about!!

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