Friday, February 16, 2007

Good news!!

WooHoo! Lost another 1 1/2 lbs at WW yesterday, which brings me up to a grand total of 19 1/2 lbs!!! I am so pleased, and I went out for a Valentines meal with DH so I did not know what to expect.
I would also like to say God Bless the person who invented painkillers, I am feeling fine and dandy now and I hope it will stay this way for the next two weeks.
Been creative this morning, very productive, have made some cards, a dream journal for swapping and packaged up my Zodiac ATC's ready to go, so I feel like I've made some real progress this morning. This afternoon I want to get some pages done I am thinking of setting myself a target to aim for so I will say 3 LO's for now and the weekly UKS challenge, watch this space for my iminent failure, it's never going to happen but I can try!!

NOTE TO SELF: Ready Steady Scrap!

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