Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What an excellent day!!!

First off I went to a hospital appointment and from there straight to the dentist, what an excellent day it was, talk about bad planning!! All went okay though, dentist told me I was bad for his business as he couldn't make any money out of me!! (At least he's honest)!
On the up side though visited my local craft shop and spent £40 but I only went in for a bottle of sepia ink - which they didn't have! And since then I have been scrapping and making Xmas cards!
Tried to leave a comment on a blog this pm, but it won't work, I did manage to leave one the other day, after a lot of ******* about as the text box doesn't want to come up and finally thought I'd sussed it, but tonight I am back to square 1. I click on post a comment and absolutely nothing happens!AAAARGHH!
Going to the doctors tomorrow as I have a bad back, I have already been off work two weeks and it is no better, dr thought it may be a kidney infection but those results have come back clear and now it just seems to be getting worse. On the bright side though I was going to miss the UKS Harry Potter CC cos I was working and couldn't pull a sickie so soon after being off for real, but it's starting to look like I'll be off for it anyway!!
NOTE TO SELF - Stop carrying big bags off stash home from the craft shop!

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