Friday, November 10, 2006

It's not fair!

Why is it when you're waiting for a package, it doesn't arrive but the minute you step out the door they stick one of those little cards through, and then you have to wait for what seems like ages to go and collect it! It's one of Roz's lippy chick books and I can't wait to get my hands on it!
Spent today doing household stuff, washing, defrosting the freezer (that was scary, you wouldn't believe the how old the stuff was down the back, I swear one of those odd shaped bags held a Neolithic man or something)! Went to see a friend this afternoon (damned postman), did some parchment craft and thats about it really.
My dad told me today that he bumped into my ex-best-friends nan, she asked after me but didn't say a lot about my old friend, we've known each other since we were 7, and she moved away but we met up again when I was 15 and we were really close for years. Then she met a guy and settled down, he decided he didn't like me after spending just 1/2 hr in my company, and then the next thing I know my friend phoned me up and accused of doing something to her phone(not guilty) and had a go incase I had ever done anything to her house (which I hadn't done either)! We met once after and left each other amicably so I thought only to never hear from her again. I have lost address and phone number, I know her parents address but don't know if they still live there, and until now it has been cut and dried but since my dad told me about meeting her nan, I've been wondering whether I should try and contact her, I really miss her and we had some brilliant times, or should I just let sleeping dogs lie? I know she is married now and so am I, this all happened three or four years ago, we've grown up a lot since then (I think)! Okay, moan over, just voicing my thoughts.
NOTE TO SELF - Go to Post Office, and stop pondering on the past!

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Roz Roz said...

Ruth, some times its best to let sleeping dogs lie, you have managed without this friend this long. May be best to leave it in the past.