Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Such a Boring Day!

I have spent the last two days doing sweet FA!!!! It's been nice at times but is generally boring! I hurt my back at work and at the moment I am fairly limited in what I am doing!
Went shopping yesterday to a shop I used to love, it was all cheap stuff chucked in big baskets and to be honest most of it was crap, but I went yesterday and they have changed it there are shelves and rails for the clothes but it was awful, there was hardly anything there worth buying, and I came out with a tiny carrier bag having spent all of a tenner. I was hoping to get my hands on unusual stash, you can buy clothes for 10p, and I just cut off the interesting bits for embellishments. But SIGH not yesterday!
Today has been REALLY dull, I won't even bother putting it in here, but suffice to say I would have rather watched paint dry!

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