Friday, August 24, 2007

Well, I took a photo for today but its still on the camera downstairs and I can't be bothered to haul my lazy butt downstairs to get it!!! So imagine this instead, white lilies the size of plates with the most beautiful pink spots and stripes down the centre of each petal and those bright orange stamens and the smell is so intoxicating and after a while quite sickly!! And the best part of all is there are four of these beauties so far and probably and 25 buds!! Will upload tomorrow or sooner if I succumb to the need for something from the fridge before bed!!
I spent this evening making inchies for a swap on UKS and so far so good, they will probably be tomorrows photo if I get them finished, off blog-hopping now!

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Wendy said...

hee i dont blame you , stay where you are. more comfy xxx