Monday, August 06, 2007


Laying in bed this morning and heard a bird trapped in the chimney, so hubby and I decided it had to come out, now as our chimney is sealed up, the only access is a little ventilation grate or rip the wall out and replaster which is not an option!!! So into the grate with the hoover we go thinking if we clear all the dust and goodness knows what away we may be able to reach the delightful little blighter, only for me to pull the hoover nozzle out with a dead bird head attached to it!!! EEEEUUURRRGHHHH!!!!! Three bird skeletons later and this one is still flapping about in there, we can't get to it until it drops down to the grate, so until then its gonna have to stay in there! Thing is the top of the chimney is pretty much covered to stop this so they must be forcing themselves through the tiny little gap to get in there in the first place!! DUH!
That was so gross, things like that don't normally bother me but when I don't expect it, I get really freaked out!

I'm so tired today, I feel emotionally drained (long story) and physically knackered, went to a car boot yesterday and got a tripod for my camera for £2 and set of alphabet stamps about 30 years old for £1, only thing is, today I'm paying for it!!! I not fit enough yet after my operation, but No Pain No Gain!

Here's todays pic, didn't use the tripod for it but hey it's a great shot! Love these little chaps in my back garden, there is a red one!? but I am yet to catch him on film, but I will put on here when I do get him saying cheese for the camera!
NOTE TO SELF: Hoovering is obviously detrimental to my health so avoid it at all costs from now on!!

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