Monday, July 07, 2008

The Top 40 Tips!!! (minus 14)

Firstly, apologies for my absence, I will do the list of tips in a mo, and then I'll figure out the random number generator later to pick a winner! Sound okay?
Secondly, we didn't make 40! :( So this is the top 40 minus 14!! Although if anyone else wants to add anymore, feel free I will add them to the list but you would have missed the chance for the draw! Sorry!

1)When trying cut a photo into a circle, pop a blob of blu-tac on the back, and use it to pop the point of a compass in, you get a perfect circle and no marks on the photo. (Mine)

2)When writing on the back of your photo, write the notes where the subject is. This is to avoid any accidental loss of info when you cut the photo up. (BunnyB)
3)Use wallpaper! You can get free samples from DIY shops, and some of the patterns are absulutely gorgeous! They are great for covering minibooks, ATCs and even layouts!(Jo)

4)I scrap all my layouts using sketches and have my photos printed only after I've decided on the sketch for that layout... do all my cropping before printing... saves time on cropping and money on photo costs. (Cathy)

5)Keep all your scraps seperated by color either in folders or big zippy-type bags. That way ,if you're looking for a particular color, you don't have to rummage through every single piece of scrap. Simply pull out the color you are looking for. (Deanne)

6)Ok, i have to admit that i have been known once or twice to accidently layer up pretty papers slightly wonky :( so my tip is to stick dst to my jeans before i put it on my project. That way i can carefully peel it back if it is not inplace first time. (dont do this if you got a wooly jumper on lol!!!!) (Zoe)

7)If you use a glue stick i find if you breathe over the area (it not yuk honest - it being creative lol) then it warm the glue a bit so you can remove it and restick if necessary. (Zoe)

8)Turn post it notes upside down to hold chipboard letters while you colour/emboss stops them flying all over the room and ending up on the floor!! :) (Alix)

9)Wipe down your craft mat/working area on a regular basis as it picks up an astonishing amount of dirt/glue etc over time that spoils nearly completed crafting!(curlywhiskersandtwitchingnoses)

10)Buy a piece of cork and cut a piece slightly smaller than your metal ruler. Stick it to the back of your metal ruler with double sided tape and voila! Next time you cut anything with craft knife and metal ruler, the ruler will not slip! :) (Bibi)

11)How about using a curling iron to straighten out your ribbon? When I have a lovely ribbon I would like to add to a project and it has a gret big ole crease in it, or it is too wrinkly for the project I just use my curling iron to iron it flat. Just open the iron, and slide the ribbon over. Easy peasy, fast, and works like a charm! No big iron needed. :) (Pamala)

12)When working with alpha stickers use a clear plastic quilters ruler. Align the bottom tips of your stickers at the top edge of the ruler. Now, to get them on your paper use one finger to press the tops of the stickers on the paper and slip them off the ruler. Perfect placement every time! :D (Shirley)

13)Keep it simple. so(card, scrapbook page etc) before going to a friends or a crop make page/card kits and put into plastic sleeves with the picture so you don't have to spend your time searching for things that coordinate, so you can enjoy making and chatting instead. :)(Scrapaddict)

14)In an effort to save money I love to search through dollar stores. They tend to have ribbons, colored pencils, markers, stickers, papers, and everything else a scrapper could possibly need- for the amazing bargain of $1.00! (Annie217)

15)Using all of the plastic pakaging that our supplies come in, plus many other items too (for instance my Big Kick, the packaging from the memory card for my camera, etc.) Use it to create your own ghost shapes!!!! I cut out a big flower shap--ran it through an embossing folder and painted it with acrylics! Voila--I had a ghost shape in the shape I wanted and the colors I needed for the page! I have soo much of that plastic aroung I can't wait to make more shapes! Plus, it helps reduce waste--can it get any better? (KimR)

16)Instead of tossing those clear packaging pieces away, cut them up into shapes... doodle on them and you have a cheap and unique embellishment! (Lois aka Katesmum)

17)Start from the outside edge of the paper and measure down 7". Cut toward the center of the paper 5". Now finish cutting the 5x7 mat back to the edge of the paper. From the same outside edge that you started with cut 5"x7" mat going the other direction. Keep going around the outside of the paper cutting 5"x7" then 7"x5" and when you finish there will be a little square of paper left from the center. (Ginny)

18)Something new that I've gotten into is tearing the edges of photos- you know, just like tearing the edges of papers. Looks great and always unique since the tear will never be the same twice :)Just be careful with the tearing, and don't do it on a photo you really love unless you have a backup version...heehee. (Vcolbourne)

19)To make the most out of my letter stickers, especially the ones that are cut out to the exact shape of the letter, i keep the backing and reuse it in future layouts. also, i am not sure if this is a "safe" tip a.k.a. acid-free but i get these really cheap foam letters in a local store but they're not in the colors i like so what i do is i paint them with nail polish. there are lots of metallic nail polish that look good on the foam letters. (jeanie nieva)

20)when doing anything to do with scrapbookin or cards, dont over crowd the item.... less is more!!! (ruthieb)

21)I like having my ribbons sorted by color. I find I use them more!(carla)

22)One of my most useful tips is to use an old catalog or phone book when you are gluing or painting. When the page gets messy, tear it off and have a clean surface to work on. (Swedie)

23)The plastic covering used for junk mail and catalogues is useful for gluing or for paper mache if you want to keep you work mat free of mess. (ribenaruby)

24)Whenever you need a quick center for a flower on your scrapbook page or card, just drop a lump of hot glue (about the size of a dime) onto some freezer paper. While it's still sticky, sprinkle it with some glitter or add micro beads or rhinestones or sequins to it. After it cools, lift it from the freezer paper and voila! You have a cheap and easy BLING flower center you can adhere with a glue dot...hehehehe...or even another small dot of hot glue! (Colette Bate)

25)My most time-saving tip is organization. I have all my paper, even the scraps, filed by color or type of pattern (stripes, flowers, dots, etc.). Then when I want a striped paper, I just go through that file folder. (sammie)

26)My tip for scrapbooking would be to make sure your photos are backed up. I upload mine to that way if I need copies, I can just go ahead and print them right from the website. (Heather)

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