Saturday, March 15, 2008

WOW! Check out the wind damage!!

Remember those storms? Well I spent most of the night laying in bed, petrified the roof would blow off or the chimney would come in but thankfully all we lost was the shed window, and then I look out of my window the next morning and see this, apparently a ship had broken free of it's moorings in the wind and smashed into the dock and crane and all that was left was this tangled pile of metal!

And while I'm at it, keep an eye on here because I won some blog candy from Jodi's blog Thanks Jodi!! So now I will be passing it forward, so keep popping back as there will be blog candy coming up soon!!


Alix said...

wow that is some serious wind!!! glad you were ok :)

Katy said...

Great photos Roo! Wow!