Monday, February 11, 2008

Having fun!!!

I am having a fantastic time crafting at the moment, and I am loving every minute, I am still churning out the cards, something I never really did much of until recently, numerous LO's, and loads of other bits and pieces, and the inspiration is still flowing, I have so many ideas and plans right now, and not enough hours in the day!! Also got my new DT kit through and WHOA! There is a serious amount of beautiful stash in there, the box when it arrived was seriously bulging at the seams and stuff inside is absolutely amazing,
it's going to take me a while to plough through all that as well!!
Then theres a couple of new projects I have in mind, I want to an A-Z of products and techniques I love in a journal plus try out some new techniques and use some of the bits that are stuck at the back of the drawer! I want to create some sort of storage for my growing collection of stickles and alcohol inks and on top of all that I want to start a new CJ!
Also today we got a lovely catalogue through the post full of beautiful works of art and photos and that there are some amazing pictures in there plus loads of inspiration to work from, I think I'd better start a list!!


Fabrizio said...

Wow gorgeous cards Ruth. Thanks again for your lovely comments and visiting my blog, Sansodor can be used with normal pastels too (the big square chunky ones...) is that what you meant ?

Beverley Todd said...

Wow roo - you sure are being productive right now!