Sunday, April 15, 2007

What A Day, What A Month!

Well to start the main reason I am blogging today is to write down what I'm thinking and maybe get something straight in my head. I saw an old friend this morning someone I used to be very close to and we were good friends for a long time, times change and after one or two things she moved house and changed her number and never told me, I was really put out at the time and was under the impression if she cared about our friendship she knew where I was and how to contact me, she never did in four years, this morning she saw me and came running over, hugged me and asked me what happened, I was really off with her and said she was the one who moved and stuff and never told me, she was all up for chatting whereas I felt really awkward and wanted to get away from the situation, she gave me her number and told me where she lived, the thing I am now wondering is do I get over it and make contact, maybe go and see her and see how it goes or do I just say **** it and leave it at that. I feel that as we were such good friends I should give her a chance to explain and that maybe she didn't realise how I felt but I don't know!?

On a brighter not as it is my birthday next week, My hubby and my dad went halves and bought me a ...................CRAFT ROBO! WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!! It is so cool and I love it! Chuffed to bits!


Anonymous said...

Definitely give her a chance. Life's too short! Am so jealous you've got a craftrobo!

Rachel said...

Hiya RachelB here - my advice let it go - moving is such a stressful time it is easy to lose track of who does and doesn't know - yeah it was off but you know life is too short to lose a friend over a piece of paper... give it a second chance


Honorio said...

hello Roo,
first of all I wish you have a happy birthday.
I was searching for English blogs to practise and improve your lovely language and I have find your "Blog Off!". I hope you can understand my comment, and sorry for my bad English.
I think there are three main kinds of friends: "hanging-on friends", "bright, brillant and beautiful friends" and "best friends". I think that the third kind is the more important, it is the kind of people who you can trust to defend you at the Final Judgement (I read it in a C. Magris' book). What do you think? Please,reply me here. And I will be pleased if you visit my blog
What is a craft robo?

Chris said...

Have fun with your craft robo and Happy birthday! If you are interested in freebie GSD files to go along with it. I offer new ones usually daily on my blog.